DVD Programme One:

Krabi, Koh Lanta, and Phi Phi Islands

Now is the time to come back and enjoy diving in Thailand!

Book your flights to Thailand and explore this wonderful country in Asia. You and your loved ones will surely find this place ideal for your vacation. More and more people who want to experience an Asian getaway go to this stunning country. Thailand offers various activities and destinations for vacationers looking for a great time. One such activity is diving in the beautiful islands in South Thailand. Here, you will find Krabi in Koh Lanta, which is truly a relaxing place that is far from the busy streets of the city.

Programme One …

takes you on a journey to the South of Thailand where the laid back lifestyle of Krabi, Koh Lanta and the Phi Phi Islands is what attracts tens of thousands of people every year.

Krabi is a small town nestled between limestone cliffs which surround the area. It has been famous for many years for its Rock Climbing … Many people are attracted to Railley Beach to challenge themselves on the shear walls. The beaches are also well known for their powdery white sand and the chance of finding a truly secluded bay.

Diving has grown quickly over recent years due to the increased possibility of Whale Shark and Manta Ray sightings especially around Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, and Koh Ha.

For the wreck diver … The King Cruiser, a Car Ferry, which sank in May 1997 after colliding with Anemone reef, offers the chance to see the result of coral growth and quick habitation by schooling fishes and invertebrates.

This programme also looks at the Leopard Shark … relatively calm, they can be seen either laying, relaxing on the sand around the edges of several reefs in the area or swimming, patrolling the water. Normally quite tolerant of divers, they will usually just lay while photos are taken, although flash bulbs tend to scare them a little.

The reefs in general are in good condition predominantly made up of large hard coral areas with soft coral gardens.

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