Update 2017

steve thompson

Update 2017…

Better late than never….

The year began with some strong winds and heavy rains which not only
disrupted the month of January for diving, but also caused chaos on
the roads of Thailand along with some deaths due to flooding.

Happy to say since February the weather has been fairly consisten with
other years and we have managed some very good dive conditions. Along
with the usual marine life, we have also been seeing an increase in
whale shark sightings – almost a weekly occurence since mid March to
the end of May.

Back up to date – and it seems like we are getting some very heavy
rainfall at present (July) – this has been fairly regular for the past
4 weeks or so and does not look like its going to stop until at least
the end of July.

Hopefully, August onwards will prove to be as good as last year
regarding both business and conditions.

Happy Diving